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A zero-commitment choir designed for people who can't sing.

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what is the sing along social?

The Sing Along Social is a zero-commitment choir designed for people who can't sing. Created by singing enthusiast Aoife McElwain, the Sing Along Social has been facilitating caterwauling craic at parties, weddings and festivals in Ireland, the U.K. and beyond since 2015, as well as a monthly residency at MVP in Dublin 8. At our residency, festivals and extraordinarily large parties, Aoife brings in the expert assistance of her craic mechanics to ensure peak levels of craic are reached and maintained.

Yes, we want to come to your birthday party.

Yes, Aoife does hen parties and weddings in Ireland and abroad.

Yes, we're interested in hearing about your festival or corporate event.

Contact Aoife on for rates. 

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what kind of parties do we do?


Private Parties

Throwing a party for your 40th birthday party and want to ensure peak craic levels are reached? Send Aoife an email at, and she will work with you to figure out how to bring the Sing Along Social to your party. We've done private parties all over Ireland and are willing to travel, too. 


Sometimes we think our spiritual home is on a stage in a muddy field surrounding by music lovers. Aoife and Anna have performed at many of the major festivals around Ireland including Body & Soul Festival, The Electric Picnic, Beatyard, Feile na Bealtaine and Forbidden Fruit. Drop us a line about your festival on 

Kids' parties

Kids are even better bad singers than adults are so heck YES we do kids' parties and festivals! Email Aoife for a quote on




Hen Parties & WEddings

Aoife loves everything to do with weddings. A seasoned hen party entertainer, she can rock up with her speakers and bag of craic to wherever you and your hens are.  Weddings are a favourite as well so get in touch via email ( with your date and venue, and she'll talk you through the Sing Along Social hen and wedding packages. 

corporate events

We're open to talking to you about corporate events (think summer ad Christmas office parties) and finding the right partnerships for the Sing Along Social. Drop Aoife a line on 

If you like a good bop to old school tunes with your mates then you will love this. It brought such a great atmosphere to our evening and I was delighted to see that our friends and family of all ages enjoyed it. Aoife is so lovely to deal with. She put a lot of effort into making sure we had a great evening. Can’t recommend this enough! Thanks again Aoife.
— Niamh, Hen Party Organiser

craic mechanics wanted

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craic mechanics: october 2018

The Sing Along Social is looking to expand its team. Aoife is looking for two Craic Mechanics to zip up their boiler suits for events this autumn and throughout the busy Christmas season.

Aoife is looking for two people who have:

  • an innate understanding of the importance of community, creativity and craic

  • a deep respect for the holy trinity of Whitney, Shania and Mariah, and a sincere love of cheesy pop music

  • a great way with people

  • a keen attention to detail

  • an ability to work quickly and under time pressure

  • experience in performance and event management is a plus but not essential

  • an ability to work on evenings and weekends, and to travel around the country for events where necessary. The majority of the events take place in Dublin.

  • a grá for wearing a boiler suit and singing in front of large, friendly audiences

What does a Craic Mechanic do?

  • help Aoife manage the monthly Sing Along Social events in Dublin and around Ireland.

  • Work with Aoife on once-off events such as corporate parties and festival dates.

  • Depending on the event and your skill set, the Craic Mechanics role can include crowd and ticket management, props management, sale of Sing Along Social merchandise and being a hype-person for the crowd. It can sometimes include assisting Aoife in the development of ideas props in the lead-up to events. It can also include the creation, making and build of props.

What kind of money does a Craic Mechanic make?

  • Fees for the regular events, festival dates and corporate events vary but the Sing Along Social Craic Mechanic’s base level minimum wage is €20 per hour. Hours worked could vary between five hours to twenty hours per month, depending on events booked.

  • Fees are decided on an event-by-event basis (i.e. corporate fees are higher than regular event fees) and agreed with the Craic Mechanic before the event.

  • Some events will require two Craic Mechanics. Some will require one. The two successful applicants will be on a rota depending on their availability.

  • More details of payment scale and agreements will be shared with successful applicants.

To apply, email Aoife on with the following:

  • a note on why you want to be a Sing Along Social Craic Mechanic. What special skills do you have that make you the best fit for the gig? What previous experience do you have that qualifies you for the job? Have you been to a Sing Along Social and, if so, what have been some of your favourite moments of it? What do you think the Sing Along Social could do better and how could you help us do that?

  • a short video of you singing along to one of your favourite Sing Along Social songs. Smartphone video quality is perfect and you are allowed to make/buy/borrow props that you think highlight the magic of your particular song. This video is your chance to show Aoife your creativity and sense of craic in action, as well as your own personal uniqueness and charm.

What's the timeline on all this?

  • applications are due to by 5pm on Wednesday 24th of October.

  • Interviews will be held in Dublin on Wednesday 7th of November.

Successful Craic Mechanics will be appointed on Friday 16th of November.



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